It was always Aarav’s dream to visit the arctic circle – Footprints & Dreams made it a reality.

He contacted Footprints & Dreams in the fall of 2018 as he was interested in our arctic wilderness experience. Our event coordinator Waiwan corresponded with Aarav and his wife, Deepa, and put together a plan for their trip.

Aarav and Deepa arrived at their luxury lodge where they would be staying. As it was late in the evening when they arrived, they decided to take it easy on their first evening and rest in preparation for their first full day of activities. Their Lodge came fitted with a sauna and outdoor jacuzzi.

Footprints & Dreams also provided a personal chef (Brede) and butler (Alexander) to tend to their every whim. Brede prepared them a traditional Scandinavian meal of gravlax (smoked salmon cured with salt, dill and sugar served with rye bread and Scandinavian mustard).

The following day it was time for their first planned activity – off piste skiing – transported to the top of the pistes by private helicopter. They were then transported there via sled pulled by huskies.

In the afternoon they tried their hand at arctic ice driving. Once they had had enough adrenaline for one day they travelled back to their wooden cabin. This time they were transported via a sled pulled by reindeer. When they got back to the cabin Brede had made a meal of Swedish meatballs.

The next morning, they met with a local arctic wildlife expert named Tore. They took a boat to Svalbard.

They spent the next few days stalking polar bears and camping in the arctic wilderness. Tore taught Aarav and Deepa how to ice fish to supplement their diet. Just as Aarav and Deepa were beginning to think they would never see a polar bear, they came across a polar bear mother and her two young cubs.

Tore instructed them that it was safe to approach although they had to keep their distance as mothers are particularly defensive when they are rearing their young. They threw the polar bears some of the fish they had caught earlier that day and the mother roared at them as if to say, ‘thank you’. Deepa told us after that this moment was the highlight of her trip! That evening they camped out under the northern lights.

This is just one example of the tailored experiences that Footprints and Dreams can provide: the only limit is your imagination. Whatever you want to do, even if you don’t know what you want to do, we can line it up for you – and give you an experience not available anywhere else.

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* Our clients’ privacy is of paramount importance to us. To protect those who are happy for us to share their dreams with you, we have changed their names and altered their images.