Callum always had an avid interest in wildlife and nature. He studied Biology at University. However, after leaving university Callum found it more and more difficult to pursue his interest in the natural world. Callum contacted Footprints & Dreams as he was interested in travelling to Botswana for a safari trip. Our events manager Waiwan produced a proposal with ideas of activities that Callum and his fiancée (Sarah) could take part in. One activity in particular caught their eye – filming their own wildlife documentary!

Callum and Sarah arrived at Maun Airport in the early hours of the morning. During their stay in Botswana they would be camping in the bush with a survival expert named Akanyang so they spent the morning at the local market procuring supplies under the tutelage of Akanyang. They then took a helicopter ride to the site where they would be staying the night. On the way there they saw herds of wildebeest and elephants from afar which only served to increase their excitement even further. When they arrived at the campsite, they helped Akanyang make dinner which was Botswanan style roast chicken.

 The following morning, they ate breakfast and set off on the first day of their adventure. They travelled to Chobe National Park via Jeep. Akanyang took them to all the watering holes that he knew about and Callum and Sarah gradually began collecting more and more wildlife footage. On their first full day they saw more wildebeest, zebras, giraffes and various species of antelope such as impala and lechwe. They set up camp for the night in a nearby clearing and reviewed the footage they had got that day.

They following day was even more successful! In addition to more wildebeest and antelope they filmed rhinoceroses, buffalo, baboons and even a rare siting of a Nile crocodile. They were delighted with the footage they had captured, although Callum had been hoping to see more carnivorous animals such as a cheetah or a leopard. They asked Akanyang if there was any chance of them filming a big cat before they returned home. Akanyang informed them that it was possible although cheetahs and leopards are much more shy during the winter.

On the last day of their trip they crossed the border into Zimbabwe and finally Callum got his wish. Under Akanyang’s watchful eye managed to capture footage of pregnant cheetah walking through a clearing. They finished their trip by visiting Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. After they had taken in all Victoria Falls had to offer and filmed more footage, top chef African chef Christelle Vougoh-Anet had prepared a delicious four course meal for them which they ate looking over the waterfall.

This is just one example of the tailored experiences that Footprints and Dreams can provide: the only limit is your imagination. Whatever you want to do, even if you don’t know what you want to do, we can line it up for you – and give you an experience not available anywhere else.

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