In the summer of 2018, Jessica contacted Footprints & Dreams as she always dreamt of exploring South America. Our event coordinators produced a list of South American bucket-list experiences for Jessica’s perusal. Jessica identified Machu Picchu and the Ecuadorian island La Isla de los Monos (Monkey Island) as places she would love to experience – and then she left the rest to us.

Jessica and her husband (Mark) landed in Eduardo Gomes International Airport which is located at the heart of the Amazon River. They met with the local tour guides (David and Joao) that would be accompanying them on their adventure.

That morning they took a boat onto the Amazon River. David and Joao taught them how to catch, prepare and cook wild piranhas for breakfast. Next, they kayaked into the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest escorted by a school of indigenous Pink Dolphin.

When they arrived in the jungle, they set up camp and helped David and Joao cook a traditional meal of Moqueca. They finished the day with a canopy walk, watching the sunset from the Amazon treetops while being serenaded by the sounds of the jungle.

The following day they ate breakfast and continued their trek. They visited a local Incan village, learnt about ancient Incan rituals and took part in the Incan holiday of Inti Raymi. They then continued their hike to the spot where they would be spending the night. On the way their they came across a family of wild capuchin monkeys.

The next morning, they began their ascent to Machu Picchu. The ascension of Machu Picchu via the traditional Incan trail takes four days so Jessica and Mark decided to climb Machu Picchu via a private car. When they arrived at the summit, they spent the next few hours exploring Machu Picchu. Once they were finished, they ate a four-course meal at the peak of Machu Picchu prepared by esteemed Brazilian chef Alex Atala. Mark and Jessica were then transported via helicopter to their final destination – Monkey Island.


This is just one example of the tailored experiences that Footprints and Dreams can provide: the only limit is your imagination. Whether you want to travel to the peak of Machu Picchu, witness Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia or behold the Iguazu Falls in Brazil, we can line it up for you – and give you an experience not available anywhere else. Contact Footprints & Dreams today to discover how we can turn your dreams to reality.

* Our clients’ privacy is of paramount importance to us. To protect those who are happy for us to share their dreams with you, we have changed their names and altered their images.