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VIP Film Experience

VIP film experience

Ever imagined being the star of your favourite film? Your daydreams will be made reality, through our bespoke film experiences. We turn the fictional worlds you love into a real-time, live film experience built around you. At Footprints & Dreams we can achieve the impossible and transform your weekend into any film or TV series, in any location.

Become an international spy and save the world from unprecedented evil, venture into fantasy realms with the characters of your choice or even roam the streets of Paris in the most romantic golden Hollywood setting. With an entire industry at your fingertips, we can arrange; tank rides, demolition pyrotechnics, fight scenes with choreographed stuntmen, special effects and costumes from original blockbusters.

We aim to make all your fantasies tangible with scripts and characterisation personally written for you. If you want to call “ACTION” on this exclusive VIP film experience get in touch now.

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